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Workflow Science partners with businesses to revolutionise their processes.
We're helping organisations think in a whole new way to save time and focus on the work that matters. Our leading cloud-based platform, GoAutomate, brings the power of automation to every business, helping streamline workflows and empower teams.

Become an automation champion

By mapping out and automating your tasks we’ll help you revolutionise manual processes. With everything now in one view, you’ll be able to quickly identify pain points and productivity savings. You can eliminate human error by automating repetitive tasks and empower your teams to focus on the work that matters most. Take control of your workflow in a whole new way.

Make it happen

With integration solutions for every type of business, our powerful platform is enabling automation like never before. You can link the services you use every day or choose from a range of tools built right into GoAutomate to start making things happen, all without the support of your IT department.

Never miss a beat

Say goodbye to missed opportunities, lost connections or data disasters. Our automation platform supports long-running processes that last anywhere from a few minutes to many months, making forgotten tasks a thing of the past. You can relax knowing that every interaction is captured and visible, from anywhere.

You're in control

GoAutomate’s interactive dashboard gives a whole new perspective on your workflow. Using AI, you can discover meaningful insights beyond qualitative metrics. Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and penetration tested to ensure the highest levels of security for your data.

Helping businesses work smarter

We help businesses work smarter with our unparalleled service and our industry-leading automation platform. With our expertise, there is nothing we can’t achieve.
We solve real-world business problems with creative solutions. We help our clients discover a new way of thinking that can revolutionise their business.
Every business and every process is unique, so we make our client’s needs our focus. We care about their success, and their input shapes our platform, services and approach.
Our friendly team and intuitive platform make it easy for anyone to enhance and automate their processes, without having to understand code.

See it in action

We’ll show you the power of GoAutomate in a few simple steps. Discover a world of features at your fingertips.
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