Powering the energy industry

The energy sector is full of complex industry processes with gaps between systems plugged with spreadsheets and manual workarounds. Automation through GoAutomate seamlessly bridges the gaps and simplifies the complexity.

Customer meter reads

Collecting and validating customer reads is vital to your business. Up-to-date bills mean that the customer is happy and you can accurately account for revenue and costs.

With GoAutomate, you can automate this vital part of your business. Extract and validate reads from emails, SMS, social messages and web forms using artificial intelligence and automation. Create regular outbound campaigns to engage with your customers making it easy for them to provide reads. Then get these validated and straight into your billing system automatically - without any manual workarounds.

Disputed reads

When customers change suppliers, incorrect meter reads increase customer complaints and affect your financial performance. The industry processes you need to follow can be a real drain on your team, taking weeks to resolve and can also cause customer frustration.

Automation co-ordinates all industry gas and electricity data-flows, engages with customers and follows industry rules. This all helps to give you a quick and efficient way of resolving each dispute.

Fast and efficient resolution like this means you have happy customers and a happy team!

Customer onboarding

Automating your onboarding process with GoAutomate detects and deals with problems - automatically - way before your customer even knows. It doesn’t matter where the customer data comes from - switching sites, brokers or your own website.

Automation takes care of everything from simple things like verifying the customer’s email address and validating their bank details, through to ensuring that the metering is correct and that the right industry flows have been received.

Automation takes great care of your customers, freeing up your people to grow your business. Onboarding is the first opportunity you have of showcasing your services to your new, hard-won customers.

Payment collections and plans

Revenue collection is critical for all types of business. And so is dealing sensitively with customers having genuine difficulty making payments.

GoAutomate handles the full range of early-stage collections activity including Direct Debit set-up, indemnity and failure management. What’s more, for live and final debt, it supervises collection on agreed terms, with the flexibility to include payment reminders, online card payments and failure escalations.

In short, you can free your credit teams from admin so they can focus on collecting revenue and dealing with customers.

"Workflow Science delivered a cost-effective way to automate"
Rob Kerr
Commercial Director, New Energy Platform, British Gas
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