Streamlining motor insurance
claims handling

GoAutomate helps you to develop robust automated journeys, to improve customer engagement and reduce costs in your motor claims management processes.

Allegations and first notification of loss

An essential part of managing an allegation or first notification of loss is the rapid collection of information from the parties involved. Often, claims management systems handle the happy path, leaving your teams to pick up the tricky exceptions.

Process automation through GoAutomate fits around your existing workflows and systems, removing manual steps and reducing handling times. It sends an email or text to the relevant party to request information. It then chases and checks claim forms and reports, extracting and verifying responses, and helping to reduce time-consuming manual tasks. Your claims handlers are free to focus on reviewing information.

GoAutomate can create multiple journeys that complement your process, and make it easy for customers to provide the information you need to handle claims quickly.

Third party intervention

You need to make sure that every third party claim is followed up with a timely and compliant offer to minimise the cost of credit hire claims. Offers need to combine the legal requirements for an intervention with the right service, to encourage customers to accept the offer.

An automation started at first notification creates and sends a personalised Copley letter to the third party. The third party can engage directly with you simply by clicking the link in the text or email. Reminders are automatic when no response is received, and offers are tracked to provide real time information about performance and results. If things end up in litigation, then you have a full audit path in analytics as well.

GoAutomate helps you cut the manual work of interventions by automating the journey, to improve intervention success and reduce cost.

Maintaining engagement across repair management

Claim management systems often take good care of the claim journey but often neglect customers on their journey. Your claims handling team often has to deal with the day-to-day realities of managing customers and repairers manually.

GoAutomate can take away these manual gaps and take the journey online. It makes it easy to steer claims to the best choice of repairer for you and your claimant. You can quickly put processes in place that can initiate and supervise the repair journey to ensure achievement of KPIs. And you can keep relevant parties informed throughout the process - automatically.

All in all, GoAutomate is a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with your core systems and is easy to update and adapt.

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