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GoAutomate helps you make quick inroads to the automation of supplier, customer and staff processes based around your existing core systems.

Supply chain management

Getting vendor approval and ongoing supplier management right reduces your compliance and supply chain risks. However, managing an ever-evolving supply base can be a complex task. All too often, these essential activities are trapped in rigid procurement systems or stranded in email inboxes, folders and spreadsheets.

GoAutomate removes the manual management of suppliers by automating journeys to meet your specific needs across your supply base. You can create online vendor journeys for selection, approval and ongoing performance monitoring. Actively manage operational procurement by triggering supplier engagement early. And discover how to bridge gaps between your internal systems and the outside world.

Whatever the size of your supply base, GoAutomate creates innovative and flexible automatic processes that manage your supply chain effectively.

Warranty repairs and returns

With increased expectations from retailers and customers, managing product warranty and repairs presents an increasing challenge for you. You need processes that provide good customer service, but also control the high level of cost associated with repair and replacement.

By moving the fault-finding journey online, GoAutomate takes customers through each step to identify the fault and determine if a repair is required. As the automation can identify if the product is in or out of warranty, it validates each claim before it begins. It also links to logistics providers to track returns, co-ordinates parts inventory and repair progress. This all helps to reduce turnaround times and keep customers in the loop.

In short, automation enables you to proactively manage costs and puts you back in control of the repair and returns cycle.

Operational and administrative HR processes

As the workplace changes, your HR delivery needs to adapt and change. As part of an HR portal, online processes can often be generic and difficult to adapt to your particular working practices without making a major investment. This can lead to poor staff adherence and employee dissatisfaction.

GoAutomate is a cost-effective way to deliver engaging operational and administrative HR processes. You can create automatic processes to match the way you want to work and then operate them across online and social channels. You can manage selection, recruitment, induction and onboarding at speed with few manual tasks. This helps to ensure that your staff abide by training requirements and compliance programmes. In addition, you can easily add new or change existing online processes to meet changing scenarios and situations.

GoAutomate enables you to provide HR support processes that are easy to adapt as the workplace changes, and that staff actually want to use.

"Improved customer experience within a very short timeframe"
Robert Kerr
Director Customer Services, Total Gas & Power
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