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24/7 automation with GoAutomate gives you the power to deliver a consistent, personal and cost-effective journey at every customer interaction.

Collecting and utilising customer feedback

If you’re starting to capture customer feedback, or you already have surveys in place, you want to make the best use of the feedback you receive. It needs to be directed to the right people in your organisation, so that you can resolve any problems and reward team performance.

GoAutomate makes customer feedback easy to capture and process. Scorecards and sentiment analysis make sure that customer responses are directed where they will receive the appropriate action – either solving a problem or rewarding a team or individual performance. You can also measure and report performance across multiple channels and link feedback to service interaction, to enhance performance coaching.

From simple NPS scorecards to inline process feedback, automation makes it easy for you to manage and learn from your customers.

Customer order status enquiries

Unexpected and unplanned fluctuations in online demand, or problems in your supply chain can mean delays in order fulfilment. If your processes can’t deal with this it can leave customers in the dark, which can increase customer phone calls, emails and complaints.

GoAutomate combines order status data from existing warehouse, procurement and despatch reports to provide quick and cost-effective solutions. It removes the need for customer service representatives to search across multiple systems. It also enables your customers to check their order status online or through social channels. What’s more, you can put steps in place to deflect calls from mobiles and encourage customers to self-serve.

Instead of enhancing or replacing your existing systems, GoAutomate makes better use of the information inside them, so you can quickly reduce failure demand and costs.

Simplifying loyalty card replacement

Apps and portals have made replacement card processes much more accessible. However, for customers who seldom contact you, downloading an app to order a replacement card is inconvenient and may lead to phone calls and complaints. Often a customer wants an answer that only takes a couple of clicks.

GoAutomate makes an automated online journey easy to set up and takes advantage of existing app integrations. It can quickly identify a customer using verification links and codes rather than passwords. Once confirmed, the process moves straight to card fulfilment without any manual steps. If new cards aren’t used, then it can also follow up to confirm receipt.

Automation brings consistent and straightforward card replacement to all your digital and social channels - 24/7.

Keeping up with operational changes

Retail operations have multiple locations with many staff. As the pace of retail change increases, systems have quickly become outdated and people are being relied on to fill the gaps. GoAutomate will quickly and cost-effectively make sure you aren't overwhelmed, and have consistent and efficient processes that reduce costs and remove surprises.

It enables you to bring automation to day-to-day bottlenecks, and resolve problems with supplier shipment, stock receiving or merchandise handling. No need to change your core operations, GoAutomate smooths out the wrinkles. It brings sensible solutions to attendance management that don't rely on manual chasing, and makes the management of training and compliance much easier.

Automation helps turn those workarounds into capable operational processes, and put the power back into the hands of your people.

"We have been able to quickly create and automate transactional customer journeys and operate them reliably at scale"
Lucy Darch
CEO, Wave
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