Simplifying water supply

Feel that improvement and innovation in your business are stifled by your existing systems? Then process automation can help. You can use GoAutomate to create customer journeys that simplify interactions and easily overcome any restriction in your current systems.

Leak and problem reporting

Your customers expect it to be quick and easy to report problems without having to call or email your company. But to fix any problem you need accurate information at the right time. And to stop it escalating, you also need to keep customers updated throughout.

Process automation using GoAutomate works across both traditional and social channels to create customer journeys tailored to the problem they report. These could range from providing details of a local plumber, to raising and overseeing an out-of-hours incident.

What’s more, automation works easily with existing channels, assets and field management systems - often without integration. Customers can provide photos and accurate location details straight from their mobiles, leaving you to concentrate on evaluating and solving problems.

So, GoAutomate enables you to put in place quick and easy solutions to help you manage problems, and reduce dissatisfaction and complaints.

Following up on failed meter read

Field base meter reads are an essential part of the billing and wholesale process for your measured customers. When a field visit doesn't obtain a read, it’s important to update records and reduce the extra work of another failed visit or an inaccurate bill.

Automation lets you follow up with customers after you’re notified of a skipped meter read visit. By clicking a link on an email, your customer can provide a read, give better meter location or property access details, or confirm the best time to visit.

What’s more, web forms present only the required information which makes it quick and easy for customers. GoAutomate will then use every response to populate your CRM and Temetra, or as a manual step to simplify back-office activity.

In short, process automation updates site and customer details in a way that’s simple and effective for you and your customers.

Self-serve home moves

Moving home is a complex process that can sometimes take months. As a business, you need to collect the right information at the right time from both the customer that is leaving and the new occupier. Every move is a potential void. So making it easy for you and your customers to do this and get it right the first time improves collections and decreases your workload.

Taking home moves online allows your customers to self-serve at any time, reduces inbound calls and allows coordination of both sides of the move automatically. By linking to your systems, GoAutomate can ask existing customers security questions before they are allowed to proceed with moving out. It can also take different action on a move-in if the property is occupied.

With a measured account, you will need a read as well, so GoAutomate can remind customers to come back into the process to provide this. If things change, it’s also easy for customers to reschedule.

GoAutomate makes the complex simple by automating your home move process and moving it online.

Outbound campaigns without the overflow

Traditionally, when you run outbound operational campaigns to your customer base, you need to plan carefully to avoid getting swamped with responses. By integrating outbound communications and the processing of responses, automation simplifies everything to allow you proceed at full speed.

When the water industry agreed to reduce wholesale charges for small businesses that were temporarily closed, we supported water retailers with automation to reach out to all affected customers. Multiple email and text-based campaigns enabled them to capture customer updates and organise the appropriate responses.

Follow-up was automatic to improve response rates, and where digital communication wasn't going to work, GoAutomate sent a letter. Outbound communication was closely linked to data collected in the responses. So, the campaigns avoided high profile problems like duplicate requests or ignoring information already provided.

With automation, you have a quick and cost-effective way to respond to operational challenges without worrying about the overflow.

"A simple, user-friendly platform enabling real-time customer channel shift"
Rachael Merrell
Customer Delivery Director, South Staffs Water
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