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GoAutomate easily brings the power of automation to your business, streamlining your workflows and empowering your teams.
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Powerful automated features

You don't have to be an IT guru, have specialist knowledge or need expert IT help. It's that simple.

More power to do more

Need to start simple and grow? Or dive straight in to solve a tricky business challenge?

With GoAutomate, it’s easy to create your own simple automations. And just as easy to harness more power. Your automations may turn into processes with twists and turns and lots happening at the same time. They may need to manage team collaboration and customer engagement. And everything will need coordinating.

No problem. With GoAutomate, we guarantee that when you need more power to do more, it’s right there at your fingertips.

Connect all your favourite

GoAutomate easily connects to all of your current business applications and in-house systems as well as your favourite cloud applications. In tech speak, we use Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA Bots) to do it.

Plus, with GoAutomate working seamlessly alongside your current IT systems, there are no complex integration projects to run or extra work for your IT people.

Harness your data

Data is what drives businesses. And GoAutomate can make the most of your data in lots of different ways.

You can directly connect to your data on-site or in the cloud. Load your spreadsheets manually or have them automatically loaded ready for automation - when everyone has gone home.

And when your processes and automations have run, simply download the results in your favourite format, or have the results delivered right where you need them.

Talk your customers' language

Your customers use lots of different channels to talk to you. And they expect a consistent response from you across every one.

GoAutomate supports the widest range of channels including email, WhatsApp, SMS, web, Facebook and more. We even support actual physical letters to reach your non-digital customers.

All coming from one, single, unified platform – automatically.

Work smarter, not harder

Even the smartest platform needs humans to be involved from time to time. So GoAutomate gives your people all the information they need to make and record decisions quickly. And with clever productivity tools like Autofill, Smartfill and QnA, their productivity is maximised.

In short, when the human bit is done GoAutomate takes over, leaving your staff free to talk to customers and build relationships.

See through the eyes of your customers

Want to know what your customers are thinking - before they tell the world on social media?

GoAutomate lets you dive into your trickiest operational
processes to look at every customer interaction in your automation. No need to try and solve problems after they’ve happened. GoAutomate puts the answers right there at your fingertips.

You have the information you need to make the right decisions, at the right time, all in one place.

Put artificial intelligence to work

AI can help you solve real problems and increase productivity, and GoAutomate can make it all happen.

Use AI to read documents just like humans - scanned handwritten and digital documents, forms, images and even emails and attachments. Turn documents, forms and emails into usable data automatically.

AI can have chats with customers on Facebook or any channel, answer their questions and act on their instructions - all without any of your team lifting a finger.

Using AI leaves your people free to focus on driving your business forward.

Helping you control your brand

Your brand is your identity, your unique voice and personality.

GoAutomate gives you the tools to maintain your brand identity consistently across all channels. You can create and maintain your own copy, whether it’s email html, SMS text or Word mail-merge templates - you own and control your brand content.

What’s more, web landing pages carry your unique brand style and tone and are hosted on your own website. GoAutomate makes it easy to create and change web pages – it’s as simple as dragging and dropping. GoAutomate does it all in one automated platform.

Safe and secure

GoAutomate runs in the cloud. And we look after it 24/7 so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Online security is of paramount importance to us. So we’ve put a range of security measures in place to ensure that GoAutomate is always on, and your data always protected. We also back everything up just in case, and make sure that only people you choose can actually access your data.

And when GoAutomate is working extra hard for you, we handle the extra load by automatically scaling up to support you.

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