Charges and terms

How much does it cost?
How does your pricing work?
What are your professional service charges?
What are usage charges?
How do I know what my professional services charges will be?
How do I know what my usage will be?
How do you invoice?
What are your payment terms?
How long am I committed for?
Are there any other charges I should be aware of?

GDPR and Data Protection

Are you a data processor or data collector?
How will you process our data?
Where will you process our data?
Do you share our data with third parties?
How do I know that you manage our personal data appropriately?
Do you encrypt data?
What about data subject rights requests?

Information Security

How do you ensure any data I share with you is secure?
Are you ISO27001 certified?


Can I create automations myself?
Do I need detailed automation requirements upfront?
How long do automations typically take?
What are typical lead times?
How much testing will be required?
What operational support will I need?
What marketing support will I need?
What IT support will I need?


How do you send emails on my behalf?
How do you host automations on my website?
How do I upload and download data?
Can you connect to my on-site systems?
What other cloud services do you connect to?

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