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1. Select
Select and run one of the sample automations below. Each sample automation highlights some of the unique features of our GoAutomate platform.
2. Guide
With your automation running, click the tasks and decision points. The pulsing orange shows the active step. Pan using right-click and zoom using ctrl+ your mouse wheel.
3. Drive
    Select the active step and advance the  automation. You can see the summary of each task and decision. The history  tab allows you to rewind and explore different paths.  
Email Claim Handling
A series of decision steps and outcomes.
Automation of customer insurance claim handling using AI to extract and validate claim data.
Order Despatch
Powerful 2-stage ‘offering’ and ‘completion’ of tasks
Automated offering of goods pickup to  multiple logistics companies.
Warranty Claim
Parallel  execution paths and mutual cancellation
Automated customer warranty claims supporting  refund, repair and replacement.
Payment Plan
Loops enabling  repeated execution of tasks
Automation to guide an advisor through creation  of a customer payment plan.
Desktop device required
To fully appreciate the power of GoAutomate please view this page from a desktop device where the preview will become fully interactive with you in the driving seat.
Email Claim Handling

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