Business processes are found in EVERY type and size of company. They define how products are made and sold, or how services are delivered; they support day-to-day activities, such as chasing customer debt or booking annual leave.

Essentially, a business process is the ordered collection of related tasks that produces your product, service or desired outcome. Processes can be very simple with just a few steps. Or they can be quite intricate with many steps, complex ordering and numerous dependencies. Whether the tasks in your processes are carried out by humans – for instance, internal staff or your customers – or systems, automating and managing these processes will deliver significant benefits to your business.

Taking control is about putting YOU in the driving seat. Here are just some of the things you can do…


Are you looking to modify or launch a new product or service, yet constrained by a backlog within IT? Feeling frustrated by long lead-times when you need to react quickly to environmental or regulatory changes? With our dynamic cloud-based solution you can be responsive to market-driven demands by creating, refining or tweaking business processes – in minutes, not months.

  • Adapt to new competitive threats
  • Capitalise on emerging opportunities
  • Analyse internal performance
  • Undertake continuous process optimisation
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Imagine being able to define and implement a new customer engagement strategy by reaching out via social media, mobile messaging, email or other form of digital communication – involving your customers directly in your processes. Or maybe you wish to improve the customer’s experience of your product or service by providing regular customer feedback, touch-points or input into your process. Well, now you can, without needing help from IT.

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Acquire valuable customer feedback
  • Ensure compliance with service levels
  • Benefit from real-time reporting
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Maybe you need to fix a process that’s broken? Or migrate from a manual process currently running in Excel? Perhaps you’re looking at ways of automating an existing process that’s manually intensive? Whatever your objectives, we can help you realise them – quickly, painlessly and cost-effectively. And ALL without having to rely on support from IT.

  • Enjoy low cost of entry and ownership
  • Eliminate errors by removing complexity
  • Increase employee productivity and collaboration
  • Scale to meet changing business needs
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