AI Automation

Apply artificial intelligence quickly and easily to plain-text, hand-written documents, forms and images, and make your automations really smart!
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Classify documents automatically

Use AI in your automations to 'read' documents like a human and automatically assign a category to the document. Apply AI to scanned and digital documents, forms, images and even emails and attachments. 

Knowing the category of document or content means your automations can make informed decisions to deliver exceptional efficiencies.

Extract information from documents

Turn documents, forms and emails into usable data automatically in a fraction of the time, 24 hours a day. 

Make fast decisions with accurate data, automatically.

Augment your people

Provide your teams with Virtual Assistants to answer customer questions quickly and accurately. Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Smartfill to speed up work with legacy systems. 

Keep your teams happy by freeing them from menial tasks using AI.

Power your chatbots

Power chatbots to understand the nature of a customer enquiry. Extract important data, make decisions and take actions, without tying up your people. 

And for the more complex enquiries, loop in one of your team.

Measure customer sentiment

Use artificial intelligence to decide whether an email or social message has positive, negative or neutral sentiment.  

Monitor and manage your brand reputation and make decisions automatically based on real customer insights.

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