Data Automation

Use data to drive customer campaigns and team collaborations, automatically, without manual steps pulling data from your systems.
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Connect and load your data

With GoAutomate, you can set up data pipelines to automatically connect and load data from your in-cloud and on-site applications. You can even take data from conventional databases.

If you need to automate using data held in your spreadsheets, simply set up a daily loading schedule or just load it when it suits you.

When your automations are done, analyse your results or export them in your favourite format. You can even create pipelines to push data back to where you need it.

With GoAutomate, you don’t have to let data challenges get in the way of your automations.

Get more from your campaigns

Smarter campaigns provide so much more than traditional transactional marketing campaigns.

With automation, you can switch to a different channel when you receive an email bounce-back, including digital channels and letters. Add context and personalisation to your campaign copy, from email content through to multi-step web forms. And track everything, not just bounce, open and click.

Basically, tracking web form completions and analysing end-to-end outcomes gives you the full picture. So you can run your campaigns with no compromises.

See it in action

We’ll show you the power of GoAutomate in a few simple steps. Discover a world of features at your fingertips.
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