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Keep your systems aligned and your data fresh, automatically, and deliver a more consistent customer experience with less effort.
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Integrating your in-cloud applications

Cloud applications are great because they come with a whole bunch of application programming interfaces or APIs to allow you to connect your automation together.

So the good news is, if all your applications are in the cloud, it’s a doddle.

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Integrating your on-site applications

When we talk about on-site applications, we mean applications hosted on your own servers. These on-site applications usually have modern APIs, just not one of the common APIs that come with cloud-native applications.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways for GoAutomate to securely connect that will keep your IT team happy.

Integrating your legacy systems

Most businesses have a couple of these old-timers. They often provide specialist or bespoke services that were created way before APIs became popular and the norm.

Often updates or retrieval of information can be carried out on these legacy systems using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Responding to changes in these legacy systems automatically can be a little trickier, and this is where GoAutomate can help.

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