Process Automation

Exploit the most powerful automations that collaborate with your people, engage your customers and coordinate activities across your various systems, applications and data.
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A visual language for your whole team

With GoAutomate, you can talk a common language across multiple teams and business functions when you share ideas for your process automation. A visual language that’s simple, yet allows you to create the most powerful automations. One that is equally understandable by everyone – IT and marketing, operations and finance.

You can zoom in on the different viewpoints from the customer journey, through to team collaboration and your systems, applications and data.

It’s more than just creating a nice diagram. When everyone has agreed, what’s agreed is automated. No confusion over what you really wanted. Nothing lost in translation. No delays.

Powerful enough for all your automations

In the real world, processes aren’t usually simple sequences of tasks. They have twists and turns, lots of decision points and even tasks circling back on themselves. Tasks might run at the same time as other tasks. And then wait for all tasks to complete before continuing the process.

Whatever your challenge, with GoAutomate there’s no need to compromise. You can cover all the bases and not just the happy paths. No exceptions and nothing to fall through the gaps in your automation.

Continuous measurement for improving your automations

To improve your business, you need to be able to measure how your process automation is doing.

With GoAutomate, every process creates a visual trace that shows each task completed and each decision taken – plus detailed timings and other valuable information. It records which team members collaborated in the process, if and how a customer engaged, and what information was exchanged with the systems and applications involved in the process.

With every detail recorded, you can drill down into these traces to look for friction in customer journeys, excessive hand-over of work in your teams or delays processing specific tasks.

With the answers at your fingertips, it’s easy to cycle back and make the necessary adjustments and improvements.

A supervisor for your long-running automations

In the real world, processes can run for a long time - hours, days, weeks and even months.

Process automation with GoAutomate supervises all the tasks in your process. Tasks that engage your customers and your people are all monitored and supervised. If something takes too long or someone ignores a request to act, alternative paths are automatically activated. What’s more, service level agreements can be managed and reported on automatically without any manual steps.

So, you have no more lists of things to remember to follow-up on.

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