Task Automation

Get relief from manual, repetitive tasks and free up your workforce.
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Reduce your manual copy and paste

Manually copying and pasting information between different systems and applications wastes time and resources, and can lead to mistakes through human error. With GoAutomate, you can reduce or eliminate the need for manual copy and paste by using Robotic Process Automation and Smartfill.

You can even reduce the workloads of teams who pull data from your systems to manually edit it in Excel.

Efficiently process documents

Artificial intelligence can support your teams by automatically extracting information from documents and forms, leaving them ready for review and sign-off. Plus, with automatic data validation, you can be sure your data is accurate and compliant.

In short, you can collaborate with your teams and engage with your customers while processing your documents super-fast.

Triage your emails

GoAutomate email triage makes automated decisions on your inbound emails, so your teams don’t have to. It can send an automated acknowledgement or response, and even extract important information before forwarding the email to the right team to handle.

So, whilst triage doesn’t reduce the number of emails you receive, it certainly boosts your productivity.

Deflect advisor calls

GoAutomate can take the load off your contact centre agents by diverting calls to other ways of handling customer enquiries, like self-service or digital channels.

This frees up your service advisors to focus on those enquiries that need skilled human interaction to bring about a successful conclusion.

Give your advisors productivity tools

You can give your teams a helping hand by providing virtual assistants, to increase the speed and accuracy of your response to customer enquiries.

Training the virtual assistants is easy from your existing support guides and documentation, FAQ pages, and product and service manuals.

Improve collaboration

With the help of GoAutomate, you can enable your teams to collaborate more effectively, boosting work sharing and supporting the separation of duties.

In short, you can keep your team working efficiently and tick all those compliance boxes.

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